What are reasons to do circumcision?

Circumcision is primarily performed for cultural or religious reasons.

Many think that foreskin is an unneccessary part of the penis. Many circumcisions are performed because a circumcised father often does not want to feel that he is different from his son.

It is often said that a circumcised penis is cleaner, or easier to keep clean, that anĀ  intact penis. Smegma (a natural substance composed of dead skin cells, normal flora, and secretions containing the natural antibacterial agent lysozyme) is more likely to accumulate when the foreskin is present.

Medical reasons for circumcision is 1. reduced risk of urinary tract infections (UTI) 2. reduced penile cancer 3. reduce risk of cervical cancer in partners 4. reduced risk of sexually transmitted disease (STD)

There are contradictory evidence in reduces UTI, but this is strongest reason of medical claims in favour of circumcision, because UTI cause serious condition and need antibiotics treatment. Baby boy in US about 1% have UTI but higher incidence for baby girl. There is evidence that the babies who are breastfed have a lower incidence of UTI.

Tight foreskin


What is the foreskin function and benefit?

The foreskin serves three functions: 1. Protective 2. Sensory 3. Sexual

In most cases, the foreskin is stilled fused to the gland penis at birth and will gradually seperate from the gland penis over a variable period of time over the first few years. During the diaper period, the foreskin help to protect gland penis from abrasion with diaper and prevent from contamination with feces. After that period, foreskin keeps the gland penis soft and moist and protects it from trauma and injury.

Inner foreskin and frenulum is pink color part in picture diagram are particularly sensitive and contribute to sexual pleasure. Rich of nerve ending there enhance sexual pleasure and control.

Inner foreskin is mucosa, like the lining of the mouth, which is thinner and different texture and color than skin that cover penile shaft. Frenulum is a particularly sensitive narrow membrane that runs down the ventral groove of the glands and attaches to the inner foreskin.

The ridge band is the interface between inner foreskin or mucosa and the shaft skin. It often “puckers” pass foreword tip of the glands. The band contains smooth muscle fibers, which have elactic property that allow foreskin to be retracted. The ridged band is sensitivity equivalent to that of the lips.

Foreskin provides ample loose skin for the penis to occupy when erect. It is a movable skin sheath for the penis during intercourse, reducing friction and reducing need to use artificial lubricants, and allowing the gland and foreskin to naturally stimulate each other. Warren and Bigelow described some of the physiological functions of the foreskin in sexual activity in British Journal of Sexual Medicine, Sept/Oct 1994.

foreskin diagram


Parents should aware about circumcision


Parents should know or read as much as possible about circumcision. Surgery is procedure that remove skin sleeve and mucosa that cover gland penis. Parent should observe or know step by step about circumcision procedure. Foreskin has it’s own function that useful throughout male life. After parents learn about advantage of foreskin, you may change your mind about make circumcision as routine procedure for your boys. Important!!! This procedure is irriversible. Circumcision make our children loss many good things through his life. Study more, do less. Cheers.

Tight foreskin